Angela Needs Shipps - of Picture This! Studios

Mrs. Angela's Premiere Sessions

Date: Jan 25th
Time: 9:00AM-8:00 PM
Adam's Pointe Manor

90 minute  adventure in Mrs. Angela’s Enchanted Forest.
Ages 18 months or older thru 12 years old.  Younger or older Princesses might think of scheduling a Custom Session with Mrs. Angela at another time.

There will be groups of 3 children for each 90 minute Adventure.   If you have a full group of 3 your Adventure will be private.  If you have less than 3 then your child will be making new friends on this Play Date Adventure and be paired up based on session time preference, age similarities, and theme choice.

Pampering Party…          
Your princess will be greeted by her Fairy God Mother* upon arrival 30 minutes before her photo session begins.   She then will be whisked away to be pampered and prepared by a professional make-up artist and hair dresser.  Her hair may be curled, braided, or straightened and she will be fitted for a special costume brought just for her special day.  Tutu dresses, tutus and leotards, Princess gowns, or white dresses will be provided in a variety of sizes.  Accessories like fairy wings, wands, halos, flowers in the hair and even firefly lanterns will be available as well. But princess might already have the perfect special look and this is the perfect time to bring it out and let her wear it!  Photos will be taken throughout the Pampering Party and they will be available for download with the Pixie Dust Package.
The Fairytale begins …    Following her Pamper Party*, your princess will follow her Fairy Godmother to the enchanted forest.  Mom and Dad are welcome to view this adventure from a short distance and can even take video and photos of the adventure and share on social media.  Entering Mrs. Angela’s Enchanted Forest*, your daughter will be photographed by Mrs. Angela and posed in a minimum of 3 special scenes custom designed for this Premier Session*.  At each scene a minimum of 5-10 photos will be take in a variety of angels, crops and lighting. Special twinkle lights, stars, candles and fireworks will be added to a minimum of 3 photos to create a unique, custom, one of a kind Mrs. Angela Creation*.   All high resolution files will be available for download 7 to 10 business days following the session on your daughter’s existing Picture This! Gallery or new Picture This! Gallery.
Tea Party anyone…          Once photos are completed, your daughter’s experience will conclude with a tea party in Mrs. Angela’s Rustic Chapel.  There she and her playmates will enjoy an authentic Victorian tea party complete with lemonade and cookies.  She will be entertained by professional photographer Janet Rogers. Janet will candidly take photos of your daughter enjoying her experience and capturing her innocence and imagination.  These amazing photos will also be available for download in high resolution with the Pixie Dust Package. 
Following the session you will have the opportunity to purchase a portrait package* and bring your fairy angel, back down to earth and return her borrowed costume and receive her special reward for doing such a great job and having such an amazing adventure!
A deposit of $50 is due to book your session with Mrs. Angela.  This deposit is a session fee and does not come off the price of the portrait packages*  This session fee is used to secure a reliable, friendly team to ensure you daughter has the adventure of a lifetime and a wonderful playdate she will never forget.  We also make sure to have a costume carefully selected based on the parent’s preference and in the right color and size for your daughter.  Costumes may be custom ordered and purchased by the parents for a keepsake for your little girl.
Portrait Packages
A little bit of Pixie Dust…               All high resolution files edited to client’s choice of all color, mixture of blk/wht, sepia, pastel, vintage and pop-color effects etc… 3 Additional special Twinkle Effects* on a private online gallery available for download 7 to 10 days following the session                                        $150
Pixie Dust plus the all the Happiest Things…          The above plus 5 additional Twinkle Effects*       $200
Her very own Fairytale book…                    A Custom designed and printed, hardback, photo cover, stiff page, Storybook featuring all of your daughters most cherished memories from her Play Date Adventure with Mrs. Angela as well as a fairytale written just for her with personal details provided by her parents 5 days before the session via email                                       8 x 8       $350                       10 x 10    $400
Enchanted Forest Wooden Print                                                 20” x 36” $250                   12” x 36” $50   
 Signature Metal Print                                                     8” x 11”  $75           11” x 15”   $95       15”x 22”  $150
·         A Premier Session is a wonderful experience as well an original Professional Portrait Session with Mrs. Angela Shipps, long time professional photographer and owner of Picture This! Studios.   
·         The Fairy Godmothers are relatives of Mrs. Angela and will guide your daughter’s path along her special adventure.  She will be dressed up and eager to escort your princess as well as engage her imagination.  If you are having a private Adventure then you may provide your own Fairy Godmother and Mrs. Angela will make sure there is a costume for her.  She will need to attend one hour earlier than your princess for training.
·         The Pamper Party is hosted by a professional make-up artist and hair dresser Erin Fitzgibbon and her friendly staff .  Your daughter will be styled and lip gloss, blush and mascara may be used to elevate your child’s experience as well as make her portraits even more precious.   The utmost care will be used by these professionals and patience will be exercised because some of our little angels’ might be more cooperative than others
·         While making your appointment you will request at theme for your daughter’s session.  Our team will make sure that there is an outfit that fits your daughter’s size as well as her personality.  Colors may be requested but are not guaranteed.  While a special outfit might be chosen for your daughter specifically, it might also be used by another participating in a later playdate, or used my Mrs. Angela again in a custom session.  Personal costumes are allowed and encouraged but please forward a photo to Mrs. Angela 5 days prior to the session for approval.
·         Purchase of your daughter’s costume is available prior to the session, and the day after the session but not immediately following the session as it might be needed in a later session that day
·         The Enchanted Forest will consist of a minimum of 3 scenes.  Each scene will be a Mrs. Angela Creation.  Anticipated scenes are: a brand new tree swing with flower and vine accents, a walk thru the meadow or wild flower field, a tree filled with twinkling stars and a reflection puddle.
·         Parents are welcome to join in with their daughters at the end of the tea party for photos.  Please be patient and wait for the girls to enjoy the adventure together.  Fairy Godmother will let the parents know when they can join in.
·         Parents are allowed to take photos and video as long as they do not distract the child.  To have better success with the portraits, parents will be asked not to call for the attention of their child while working with Mrs. Angela or Janet.
·         A small reward will be provided from Mrs. Angela but it is recommended that you bring a bigger, more personal item as a reward for your daughter.  Please let Fairy Godmother know what that reward is so Mrs. Angela can use it by name to ensure a successful photo session. 
·         The purchase of the Pixie Dust Package is due following the session.  Payments for other print packages may be broke into two payments, 60% due when the order is placed and the remaining 40% upon pick up.   Deposits paid when making the appointment are a sitting fee and under no circumstance refundable, but it is transferable to another little girl.
·         Print packages will be available for pick up 4-6 weeks following the session and additional orders are available online for individual prints such as 8x10s and 5x7s.  You may view and share your images on social media and you may print your high resolution files.  A print release will be provided.