Iā€™m friendly, energetic and very driven to impress the people I work for.
— Angela Needs Shipps

Angela Needs Shipps graduated from UCM with a degree in photography in 2001. At the time her first child was only two years old, which is when she shot her first wedding. After seven years of working from home and raising her children she opened up her first studio. Around this time Angela had shot 300 weddings and couples were now having children and wanting family photographs and the need for a studio was ever-present.

She started her business using film mediums and has since changed to digital over the course of her 18 years of experience in photography. Having photographed numerous weddings and raising four kids in the mean-time, family is a huge part of Angela's life and she understands the importance of family in her clients lives.

Watching her clients celebrate their wedding and being able to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives is very important and meaningful to her. Then to see them with their first child, second and sometimes third, maybe more, Angela is grateful to be called on  to have these important memories captured forever.

Now with flower girls from previously shot weddings growing up and getting married themselves and  newborns growing up to have their senior photographs taken and get married, it is so special to Angela to watch her clients continuously grow and is proud to be called on as the photographer of choice to capture these important moments.

Along the way she has made more friends than she would have ever thought possible. She is hardworking and dedicated, but gives thanks her clients for molding her into not only the photographer, but the person she is today. As a photographer of over 750 weddings and more to come along with hundreds of babies in her Watch Me Grow program, the fun of creating memories hasn't stopped.

When asked what sets her apart from other photographers, Angela replied, "I'm friendly, energetic and very driven to impress the people I work for." This love of her clients and her clients children and overall lives, is really who Angela is down to her core.