Watch me Grow Program

Program Benefits

$50 Fee to join this discount program

  • Gets you $50 off one hour ($250)sessiosns & $100 off custom ($400) sessions
  • Can come in for as many sessions as you'd like until baby reaches 12 months
  • At 12 months session the smash cake is included
  • Includes print release
  • One year online gallery
  • Download of ALL high resolution files via online gallery

The Watch Me Grow Program is a wonderful gift for someone you KNOW is wanting photos with Mrs. Angela for their Baby.  You  can call in and order a "Watch Me Grow" gift certificate and we will mail it directly to you or your expecting Mother.  It is the gift that keeps giving all the way thru Baby's first Birthday!

Mrs. Angela recommends having Baby photographed during these milestones:

Maternity - Sessions are intimate and sweet with lots of love showed over Mommy AND her tummy!

Newborn - Typically it is best to take Newborn photos in Baby's first week home, or in the first two weeks at the latest, but Mrs. Angela is the "Baby Whisperer" so if you are running a little behind it is OK... She has skills even with older newborns.  Mommy and Daddy will probably be in some of these photos so come prepared... no pressure!

Tummy-Time - Usually 3-4 months in age.  This is a great time to capture Baby's adorable first expressions and laughter.  This session is more successful once  baby can comfortably lay on their tummy and hold their head up.  Not all of the photos are on the tummy, but being on their tummy gives them the chance to have many unique poses from the newborn session.   Baby can now hold things in their hand and grab their little toes while laying on their back.   Baby is also photographed in baskets and buckets in this session so feel free to bring creative personalized items to enhance this session.

Sitting-up all by Myself - Usually 6-7 months old.  Totally worth the wait!  Even if you have to do this session before 6 months or well after, this is by far one of the most fun and smilie session.  If we time it right with nap time this session can result in unlimited smiles!   This milestone is a MUST PHOTOGRAPH time!  Even if you skip tummy-time and pulling up and standing... you CAN'T miss this session.  And if Baby has a big brother or sister this is the perfect time to include them in the session.  They are welcome at any session, but this session is great for sibling shots.

Pulling up and Standing - Usually 8-10 months.  Another smilie session!  Pull out those adorable little shoes, this is the session they have been waiting for.  Baby can now crawl and stand with something to hold on to.  This session goes by fast cause Baby is becoming a PRO at this photography business!  This is also a great session to bring Grandma for a few photos too!   Weather permitting we try to include some outdoor photos once Baby is this age... not for too long because outside can be very distracting, but also so fun!

Birthday Session - The Birthday session can be take up to one month before baby's birthday to allow you time to print and use your portraits for invitations and party decorations but it is also really great if we wait until Baby is standing and walking some all by themselves.  Tell Mrs. Angela your party theme and she can have a mini-cake or cupcake made to match it!  (Stacey at the Blue Springs South Pricechopper is Mrs. Angela's favorite cake designer!)  Balloons can be added and typically we end the session with a bubble bath to clean Baby up from their fun filled smash cake session.  It's always a great idea to bring baby wipes and a towel to this session.  And if Baby has an adorable robe or rubber ducky they love, then bring it too!